can someone who can code maybe help with this?

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can someone who can code maybe help with this?

Sarah Alawami
Hello there. Some of us are using PF3 for communication with control towers and stuff. Although this is keyboard rich setting the keyboard is not accessible with nvda. You can see the settings but for some reason flat review doesn't see the ways to change, yet someone tried it with jaws *cough cough* and it read very well actually. Can someone look at pf3's dialogues and maybe modify nvda to see this and other similar dialogues that don't have a good flat or screen review? We're thinking this is a limitation therein in the screen and object nav to get around the dialogue. This about all we know..

Note, I'm not saying modify the dialogues, but modify nvda to work better so these dialogues can be tabbable or accessed better with object review in case the elements can't be gotten to with tab. You can try pf3's demo with flights of 200 miles or less by the way so just letting you all know.

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