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The menus stop reading problem

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Hi sometimes in nvda a kind of creeping loss of  output seems to occur for
not reason that I can tell.
Normally the first thing to go is context meus, the nvda's menu itself,
followed by  parts of protgrams and even the desktop. Often in this
condition the  task manager menus are the last to go.
 I've messed about with this for some months, but the only fix thus far is a
button on the computer shut down.
Quite what starts it is hard to say, but often its an nevea update or a
switch to a portable version.

I am putting this out there as I suspect many have not seen it so I'm not
going to raise an issue just yet as it could conceivably be something unique
to my computer here running Windows 7 pro.

If anyone has seen this behaviour and has a suspicion of the catalist for
it, then please let me know and I'll see if that exists on my machine.

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