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Ref save/Open dialogue delays etc

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There is a significant delay after a slash when an auto complete  filename
is being typed and you go to the end of the folder which comes up and start
typing again. several seconds in fact with no indication in the log. this
can be very off-putting when you are typing quite fast. I suspect that its
the auto complete list coming up but not in fact being read.
DEBUG - editableText.EditableText._hasCaretMoved (15:45:38.900):
Caret move detected using bookmarks. Elapsed: 0 ms
IO - speech.speak (15:45:38.911):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), u'blank']
IO - inputCore.InputManager.executeGesture (15:45:44.282):
Input: kb(desktop):l
IO - speech._speakSpellingGen (15:45:49.157):
Speaking character u'l'
DEBUG - queueHandler.registerGeneratorObject (15:45:49.157):


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