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Re: [nvda-addons] Add-ons proposal: should a toolkit containing common features be created?

James Scholes
1. How do you propose such a toolkit be distributed?  Given that NVDA
currently has no method for specifying add-on dependencies, the toolkit
would need to be included with every single add-on that used it.  This
would create potential code bloat, and a copy of the toolkit distributed
with a particular add-on could quickly become outdated.

2. If you and others are currently working on implementing an add-on
update checking facility into NVDA Core, I don't really understand the
point of creating something to fill the gap in the meantime.  If add-on
authors begin updating their code to take advantage of this proposed
toolkit, users will need to get used to a potentially different update
UI for every add-on that adopts it.  This on its own sounds like a
terrible user experience, but just as people are getting used to it
add-on updates will be moved into the Add-on Manager, creating further

Obviously this point doesn't question the undeniable usefulness of more
modules and documentation to help add-on authors carry out certain,
often repeated tasks.  But so far, update checking for add-ons is the
only part of the toolkit you've really fleshed out, and the only thing
anybody has actually been talking about.
James Scholes

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