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Re: [Nvda-dev] [Nvda-Dev] NVDA and the Vista UAC prompt

Alasdair King
Using NVDA in the Vista secure desktop:

NVDA.EXE must also be Authenticode signed.

UAC entries will still need to be added to start NVDA in UAC and the
secure desktop. These aren't difficult.

You may want to get Narrator to start up, not NVDA, when the secure
desktop. This is a bit tricky. You have to write a program that
starts, checks whether it is in the secure desktop, and chooses to run
either NVDA or Narrator.

Best wishes,
Alasdair King

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 6:52 AM, John Greer <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I am pretty sure that developers have seen this page before, but I did find
> a little manifest script at the top of the forum to be interesting.
> When a blind user is using Narrator in Vista, supposedly when a UAC prompt
> comes up, the copy of Narrator being used is shut down and a new one is
> started with elevated priviledges.  Would it not be possible to get NVDA to
> do this same sort of thing to be able to read the prompts by incorperating
> the manifest script somehow?
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Alasdair King