Proposal: add-ons festival in September

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Proposal: add-ons festival in September

Joseph Lee

Hi all, mostly for those involved in the add-ons community,


A few weeks ago Derek Riemer and I had a discussion regarding an event to encourage add-on authors to mingle together and new developers to hear talks from prominent add-on writers regarding tips, tricks, new developments and what not. Due to our busy schedule with DictationBridge and other projects (and in my case, transferring to a new school), we didn’t have time to put this proposal into paper, but I think it is better to do it now:


One of the highlights from NVDACon 2016 was an event called “Add-ons Festival” where add-on authors would host a town hall style meeting with users of their add-ons. In 2016, I (Joseph Lee) and Derek Riemer held such meetings during our annual conference. The response was phenomenal and people suggested a similar event to be held during NVDACon 2017, but it did not happen due to time constraints. As a way to bring Add-ons Festival suggestion to life again and to give users a chance to meet authors of their favorite add-ons, as well as for veterans to teach the next generation of add-on writers, Derek and I propose that we hold the 2017 NVDA Add-ons Festival in September, likely towards end of that month.


The overall goal of this event is networking and building relationships. As much as Python code matters, what matters more is forging relationships between add-on writers and users, and amongst authors themselves. Also, as we have add-ons that are planning to support Python 3, wxPython 4 and what not, as well as bring finishing touches to Project Contact Lenses (engaging with scripters of other screen readers), I felt we should have seminars for those who’d like to learn more about Python 3 transition and a lab for scripters of other screen readers to get a hands-on training on how to write NVDA add-ons and/or port their existing scripts to NVDA world.


At the moment the biggest issues are date, time, and venue. I am willing to let the community use my TeamTalk server again (, then we run into coming up with sensible date and time where majority of us can socialize. We also need to recruit presenters and seminar hosts, with the ideal case being some add-on writers holding a seminar for users of their add-ons. For example, if Noelia decides to hold a meeting with users of her add-ons, users of Place Markers, Clip Contents Designer and what not can talk to her and provide suggestions. Similarly, I’d be happy to hold a seminar for users of a variety of add-ons, including StationPlaylist Studio, Windows 10 App Essentials, GoldWave and what not.


Comments on this proposal are appreciated.



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