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Problems reading by paragraph in Word 2007


     I have problems reading by paragraph in word 2007 with NVDA using
the next branch. Originally I waited for others to report the problem
but about two days
ago the corresponding branch was merged in the next branch and nothing
changed so I think it is time to fight with my english...

     Originally I had no problems with the new changes, NVDA worked fine
reading by paragraph without repeating, but on a merge of the two
branches the problem
appeared and NVDA takes some time to read the next paragraph, sometimes
about 5 seconds and sometimes I need to open the start menu or press alt
to wait
for a response.

My impression is that NVDA has problems with large documents (about 200
pages) and it happens only if I read with control down arrow, control up
arrow works

I'm using windows 7 32 bits in a Phenom II x3 at 2.60 GHZ with 4 gb of
ram, the program is word 2007.

has anybody else a similar problem?  has this problem already been
reported or do I need to open a new ticket? I can send some documents
where the problem occurs, but all in spanish.

Regards,    m

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