Problem with creating Excel Tables

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Problem with creating Excel Tables

Brandon Keith Biggs
in Excel, NVDA does not read the ranges when creating tables in excel. If one goes to data, then from tables (alt+a, p, t), then they are put into a box that should give some ranges of cells. but when one types a number, hits tab and goes back to the box, the box is blank. If one presses up and down arrow, one should hear the numbers change and left and right changes the letter, but pressing left and right don't do anything.
One is also not able to arrow through what is in the box, instead they need to delete everything.
What I would suggest for a box like this is only editing unless one gets into brows mode, then they can move between cells with arrow keys.

Also, in excel one can get into brows mode which I don't think could be done before. If they hit escape anywhere, they will pop out of edit mode.

This is with latest snapshot of NVDA.


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