Problem with brailleInput.handler.{input/sendchars}()

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Problem with brailleInput.handler.{input/sendchars}()

André-Abush Clause
Hello all,

I tried the following code in the NVDA Python Console:

import brailleInput
brailleInput.handler.sendChars("This is a test")

It's okay. :) But... When I put this code in an addon/script nothing
happens. Here is my script test (in %appdata%\nvda\globalPlugins\

# coding: utf-8
import globalPluginHandler
import brailleInput
import ui

class GlobalPlugin(globalPluginHandler.GlobalPlugin):
     def script_test(s,gesture):
         brailleInput.handler.input(32832)  # not OK :(
         brailleInput.handler.sendChars("This is a simple test")  # also
not OK :-(
         ui.message('Done.')  # OK and fortunately

     __gestures = {
                   "kb:control+,": "test"

So, `brailleInput.handler.input()` and
`brailleInput.handler.sendChars()` not work in a script/addon.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Have you a solution for that?

Thanks a lot
Best regards,

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