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Probably useless error

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The error below happened twice   when shutting the previous version of the
Master snap and once booting in the new downloaded version
 It did this, I think due to an email being open in the Outlook express
client when the update occurred.
Adding new treeInterceptor to runningTable: <virtualBuffers.MSHTML.MSHTML
object at 0x059FC890>
IO - speech.speak (08:45:48):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), u'Re: outdoor building that need
little maintenance']
ERROR - virtualBuffers.VirtualBuffer._loadBuffer (08:45:48):
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "virtualBuffers\__init__.pyc", line 375, in _loadBuffer
WindowsError: [Error 1702] The binding handle is invalid
IO - inputCore.InputManager.executeGesture (08:45:59):
Input: kb(desktop):control+alt+r
DEBUGWARNING - RPC process 4788 (conhost.exe) (08:45:59):
Thread 2932, build\x86_64\remote\ia2Support.cpp, installIA2Support, 86:
Error registering class object, code -2147221008

IO - speech.speak (08:45:59):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), u'Taskbar']
IO - speech.speak (08:45:59):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), u'reboot nvda with log  terminal']
IO - speech.speak (08:45:59):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('en_GB'), u'80 space', u'blank']
INFO - core.main (08:45:59):

No lasting effect was noticed, and a subsequent reboot did not give the
I'm not quite sure why when  rebooting nvda sometimes the focus is not on
what it thinks it is.
 Just reporting this in case its important.
 Updating to latest master this morning.

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