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Possible virtual buffer optimization

derek riemer
We have 
 bool VBufStorage_buffer_t::isDescendantNode(VBufStorage_fieldNode_t* parent, VBufStorage_fieldNode_t* descendant) {

I noticed that each node has a length in characters. Couldn't an optimization be written which compares lengths, and if the child's length is larger than the parent, we don't have to compare all the way up?  Also, if this property is true, does the perf benefit of putting this check in even matter? 
maybe like
bool VBufStorage_buffer_t::isDescendantNode(VBufStorage_fieldNode_t* parent, VBufStorage_fieldNode_t* descendant) {
LOG_DEBUG(L"is node at "<<descendant<<L" a descendant of node at "<<parent);
if(descendant -> length > parent -> length) return false; //definitely not larger.
for(VBufStorage_fieldNode_t* tempNode=descendant->parent;tempNode!=NULL;tempNode=tempNode->parent) {
if(tempNode==parent) {
LOG_DEBUG(L"Node is a descendant");
return true;
LOG_DEBUG(L"Not a descendant");
return false;


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