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NVDA Subversion
Author: mdcurran
Date: Sat Apr 26 03:37:14 2008
New Revision: 1969

languagehandler: move the logic that converts a locale name to a windows LCID in to its own function. Use this both in getAvailableLanguages and setLanguage.


Modified: trunk/source/languageHandler.py
--- trunk/source/languageHandler.py (original)
+++ trunk/source/languageHandler.py Sat Apr 26 03:37:14 2008
@@ -11,6 +11,21 @@
+def localeNameToWindowsLCID(localeName):
+ """Retreave the Windows locale identifier (LCID) for the given locale name
+ @param localeName: a string of 2letterLanguage_2letterCountry or or just 2letterLanguage
+ @type localeName: string
+ @returns: a Windows LCID
+ @rtype: integer
+ """
+ #Windows only excepts full locales (with country included) and uses a dash not underscore
+ localeName=locale.normalize(localeName)
+ if '.' in localeName:
+ localeName=localeName.split('.')[0]
+ localeName=localeName.replace('_','-')
+ LCID=ctypes.windll.kernel32.LocaleNameToLCID(unicode(localeName),0)
+ return LCID
 def getAvailableLanguages():
  """generates a list of locale names, plus their full localized language and country names.
  @rtype: list of tuples
@@ -25,12 +40,7 @@
  #For each locale, ask Windows for its human readable display name
  for i in l:
- #Windows only excepts full locales (with country included) and uses a dash not underscore
- t=locale.normalize(i)
- if '.' in t:
- t=t.split('.')[0]
- t=t.replace('_','-')
- LCID=ctypes.windll.kernel32.LocaleNameToLCID(unicode(t),0)
+ LCID=localeNameToWindowsLCID(i)
  #If the original locale didn't have country info (was just language) then make sure we just get language from Windows
  if '_' not in i:
@@ -73,15 +83,8 @@
  #Set the windows locale for this thread (NVDA core) to this locale.
- #To convert to windows locale, the language must be language_country, not just language
- tempLang=locale.normalize(lang)
- if '.' in tempLang:
- #There was charset info given, wrip that out
- tempLang=tempLang.split('.')[0]
- #Find the windows LC ID for this locale
- LCList=[x[0] for x in locale.windows_locale.iteritems() if x[1]==tempLang]
- if len(LCList)>0:
- ctypes.windll.kernel32.SetThreadLocale(LCList[0])
+ LCID=localeNameToWindowsLCID(lang)
+ ctypes.windll.kernel32.SetThreadLocale(LCID)
  return True
  except IOError: