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[Nvda-dev] commit r1910 - in trunk: . source

NVDA Subversion
Author: jteh
Date: Thu Apr 17 00:02:05 2008
New Revision: 1910

The virtual buffer for the focus may have been explicitly set to None if there was no virtual buffer at the time of focus. Therefore, when handling a documentLoadComplete event, retrieving the virtualBuffer property is not enough to force a virtual buffer lookup. Instead, explicitly perform the lookup and set the virtualBuffer property.

   trunk/   (props changed)

Modified: trunk/source/IAccessibleHandler.py
--- trunk/source/IAccessibleHandler.py (original)
+++ trunk/source/IAccessibleHandler.py Thu Apr 17 00:02:05 2008
@@ -630,7 +630,8 @@
  if v:
  #Focus may be in this new virtualBuffer, so force focus to look up its virtualBuffer
- api.getFocusObject().virtualBuffer
+ focus=api.getFocusObject()
+ focus.virtualBuffer=virtualBufferHandler.getVirtualBuffer(focus)