NVDACon is only 1 full day away! Please join us for all the fun.

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NVDACon is only 1 full day away! Please join us for all the fun.

derek riemer
Dear NVDA users, developers, translators, and enthusiasts around the world!

I am Derek Riemer, the chair of NVDACon international.
The NVDA conference started out in 2014 so that users of the screen reader could connect and talk to other screen reader users.  Every year, we host a conference on NVDA, with topics to be presented by the NVDA community.
We are currently planning our 4th international, and sixth conference for the NVDA community. This conference will be held on May 19 through May 21 of 2017. Some of our presenters for this conference include NV Access, Google, Dictation bridge, and other NVDA community members. The overarching theme of NVDACon 2017 is engaging the NVDA community. I would like to encourage you to join us at NVDACon 2017. If you are a seasoned NVDA user who regularly chats with other NVDA users, come meet other NVDA users. If you are a novice NVDA user, we have open forums for you to ask any questions you might have.

We are excited for NVDACon 2017, and we hope you are excited too! Our new website is https://nvdacon.org, and you can follow us on twitter   @NVDACon.
Thank you


Derek Riemer: Improving the world one byte at a time!

  • University of Colorado Boulder Department of computer science, 4th year undergraduate student.
  • Accessibility enthusiast.
  • Proud user of the NVDA screen reader.
  • Open source enthusiast.
  • Skier.

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