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Robert Spangler

I've been using NVDA Next with Edge for a little while now and I have to say
I'm pretty impressed.  It works better than Chrome.  Unfortunately, Firefox
is slow and clunky, and I have been waiting for a more lightweight browser
to be accessible.

There are still some issues, however.  Sometimes, when opening a page or
alt-tabbing away then back, the program does not respond to arrow keys in
attempts to navigate the page.  I have to hit tab and usually this gets me
to the page content area.

Another issue I have is that some controls are appearing on the same line,
almost as if I had the use screen layout option enabled.  I always turn this
off, however, since I prefer the linear browse mode but in Edge it doesn't
always obey this setting.

In Firefox, when attempting to log into certain sites, such as Meet-Up, or
any other social media site that supports logging in via Facebook, the "Sign
in with Facebook" link reads but it does not inform you of what type of
control it is.  In Edge, it says "link" but does not read to you the text.
Sorry, this explanation was a little long-winded, so if I need to explain it
better, let me know.

Some quicknav keys are not supported such as jumping between links, but I
imagine that these are on the to-do list.

Thanks again for fixing Edge support for us!


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