Important announcement: say goodbye to NVDA Add-ons list on Freelists

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Important announcement: say goodbye to NVDA Add-ons list on Freelists

Joseph Lee

Dear NVDA community:


In June 2017, citing bouncing and other problems, the add-ons community announced migration of NVDA Add-ons list from Freelists to Groups.IO. Apart from porting the archive from the old to the new facility, list migration is complete.


Background: In 2012, NV Access unveiled NVDA 2012.2, bringing with it a completely new way of extending NVDA: add-ons. The response was phenomenal: it spurred innovations in the NVDA community through add-ons, with add-on authors forming a community in May 2013 to coordinate add-on reviews, release announcements, and share tips and tricks. This community was initially hosted at Freelists until June 2017 when bouncing issues and other problems caused the community to consider migrating to Groups.IO, a new mailing list provider that offers tons of features such as group wiki, databases, hashtags in messages, subgroups and so on.


To subscribe to Groups.IO NVDA Add-ons list, send an email to [hidden email]. When asked to confirm, please do confirm.


With the list migration complete, the following will take place:


Freelists version:

  1. -I (Joseph Lee), the director (owner) of the NVDA Add-ons Freelists list, hereby declare Freelists list closed, effective immediately.
  2. I advise everyone on the Freelists list to unsubscribe immediately. To do so, send an email to [hidden email] with the subject line of “unsubscribe” (without quotes) and confirm if requested.
  3. Anyone left by July 15, 2017 will be unsubscribed automatically unless you are having difficulty signing up for Groups.IO list.
  4. Archives of Freelists will be preserved as a historical artifact. I do have the offline copy of the list archive and am working on moving that to Groups.IO version.
  5. References to Freelists add-ons list will be modified to point to the new list.


Groups.IO version:

  1. The community will start accepting review requests. When doing so, please use #AddonReview hashtag. See the hashtags list below for details.
  2. An internal database will be used by the community to record add-on information such as name, author, version and notes from the community.
  3. The RSS feeds from the add-ons website ( will be sent to add-ons list as an integration. This is useful for add-on authors to announce release of an add-on.


NVDA Add-ons forum organization:

  • Owner/director: Joseph Lee
  • Owner/NV Access rep: James “Jamie” Teh
  • Moderators/add-on review directors: Noelia Martinez, Derek Riemer, James Scholes
  • Anyone can serve as reviewers. Noelia, Derek and James S will serve as chief reviewers and will coordinate reviews and reviewers.


Hashtags list (Groups.IO):

  • #AdminNotice: important announcements from admins and moderators.
  • #AddonRelease: reserved for add-on release announcements.
  • #AddonTesting: information on add-on development and snapshots.
  • #AddonReview: reserved for add-on review requests and responses.


And with that, let us say goodbye to the old list and say hello to the new list.




Joseph S. Lee

Student (communication), California State University, Los Angeles

Translator, code contributor and community add-ons reviewer, NVDA screen reader project

Certified NVDA Expert, 2017

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