Identifying focusable Tables and other elements?

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Identifying focusable Tables and other elements?

Brandon Keith Biggs
What is the best way of getting some kind of alert or notification when a table or other element can be navigated in edit mode?
There are some tables on this page that can be navigated in edit mode and brows mode:

The only hint that a table has focus functionality is by hearing the table editable property when the tableĀ  is entered. The problem with this is that some tables have the editable property but no focus functionality.

With the wider adoption of focusable behavior, I am never sure if an element has more functionality than the default HTML behavior.
Some apps such as GSuite have an edit element with a autofocus attribute when one enters the page, but this is not standard.
Is there some other way of identifying this more advanced functionality without always entering into edit mode? Note that sometimes the focus functionality only activates on certain sections or cells in the larger element.

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