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Html update events in firefox?

Hi all, I'm new here.
  I'm currently working in an html application development.
Its a very specific application. I have proposed to develop this app
in a desktop enviropment like python or c#, because by this way we
could create a com object that the screen readers can access to get
the information. But they prefered to develop it with html5.
Currently for this app, we are supporting NVDA with firefox only.
I need to send separated messages to NVDA. Specifics messages are
directed to the braille display only, others are for the synthesizer.
I need at least two separate channels, but I'd like to have four
channels. I don't know how to achieve it from html, but I think that
it can't be made with html and aria without modify screen reader

  Then I'm trying to capture the changes from specific html  tags.
I'm using a span tag. I realized that every time that span tag content
is updated, an event_hide is received by NVDA. From my understanding,
this event is called when an object is destroied. I don't know how to
get anything useful from the object receibed in this event. Also, this
event only works in a global plug-in, not in firefox app module.

I can't capture the event that receives aria-live information for example.
So my question is. How can i capture updates from objects in the
accessible tree?
If it isn't possible, then capture the text only could be useful. In
this case, I could process strings with a specific marker, and send
the other strings to be processed by NVDA.

Sorry for my bad english. I hope that you can understand me.

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