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FW: Unreadable message titles in Inbox list

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

I wonder if a member of the development team could comment on this for me?


You may have seen the query that I raised recently on the NVDA users list. In case not, I am attaching it below.


When this happens, NVDA does not speak the list entries in the Inbox list in Outlook 2016 on my machine. I cannot say that this is a universal problem because I have not been able to pinpoint the event. It just appears from time to time. However, I did trap the 150 emails that were in my Inbox one day.  Is it possible that my problem relates to the use of the NewMail, NewMailEx or ItemsAdd events which is available when processing any incoming e-mail that arrives in the Inbox folder?


By the way, I made a second folder in Outlook just now and copied all the emails from the original inbox and the “curtain” problem still applies to the copied messages within the new folder!



I am attaching two log files showing NVDA activity when the message details are read by the use of the up or down arrow key and the other log shows NVDA when there is no speech after using up or down arrow on the message item in the list.


I notice that the focus is 20” when the message is not spoken and “1” when it si spoken.


All the best,




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From: Cearbhall O'Meadhra [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2017 11:09 PM
To: '[hidden email]' <[hidden email]>
Subject: Unreadable message titles in Inbox list




I have an strange problem reading Messages in my inbox!


I am using Outlook 2016 in Windows 10 with NVDA . (All latest versions).


This problem happens frequently but not all the time. I cannot find out what the cause of the problem is. I also cannot see when it might or might not happen.


Here's the story:

I get about 200 messages a day from all the discussion lists that I am following and some personal emails. I like to keep my messages in reverse sort order so that the oldest are at the top. This way, I can keep the messages that interest me at the top of the list and delete the newer ones below when I don't want to keep them.


my method for managing the messages is to press  down-arrow on a message if I want to keep it so that the next message comes into focus. If I want to reject the message, I press the delete key. This moves the next message up into the position of the NVDA focus. In this way, I can move through all the messages rapidly.


When the mysterious problem appears, I have found that down-arrow reveals nothing. Just silence. I have to press tab to jump away from the message list and shift-tab to get back and then I find that NVDA+numpad 8 tells me that the next message has actually moved up into the focus position as you would expect. No amount of up-arrow or down-arrow yields any speech on each of the messages. As you know, what should happen is that I hear the sender and title information as the arrow moves from message to message.


I have persisted with down-arrow from silent message to silent message and found that I can get back to the normal echoing behaviour after about the 150th message! Alternatively, I can press control and end   to move to the 250th or last message in the Inbox where the movement of the up-arrow is echoed from message to message as normal. As an experiment, I have persisted with the up-arrow from the bottom of the list and found that when I arrive at the 150th message from the top, I suddenly lose the speaking of the sender and title details again. In other words, I am back into the unspeaking block of messages! I checked the 151st message and, sure enough, NVDA reads out the title details. Then I press up-arrow back to the 150th to find it silent and all the rest of the messages above it to the top continued silent as before.


I hope you can follow this! It is as if a curtain lies over the first 150 messages. I can get out from under the curtain at about the 151st message and proceed as normal to the last message. Likewise, I can jump to the bottom of the list and read all the message details until I rise back up to the bottom of the curtain at the 150th message.


As I said at the beginning, this does not happen every day but it does happen frequently.


The last time it happened, I saved the 150 curtained messages in a new folder and the unreadable behaviour persists even now.

Please understand that I can press enter on each message, whether curtained or not,  and read it perfectly. The problem is that of identifying the message in the Inbox list before opening it.


I would welcome any ideas or suggestions to see if I can get to the bottom of this behaviour.

By the way, JAWS does not have this problem only NVDA. I have tried JAWS 16 on the same curtained block of messages and JAWS can read each of the title details normally.



All the best,




m +353 (0)833323487 Ph: _353 (0)1-2864623 e: [hidden email]




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